Drink Fashionably inspires women and men alike to dress, drink, and socialize with fabulous cocktails. Taking advantage of boozy opportunities throughout the country, Drink Fashionably will take you to bars, restaurants, and diverse drinking experiences, all while dressed fashionably of course. Grab your coupe glass and join us for a drink!

Meet Founder Revae Schneider

When I’m not teaching a mixology class or hosting an event, I can be found getting limber in reformer pilates classes, scoping out the best antique treasure troves, or shopping. (Duh!) Otherwise you’ll find me cozied up to the bar of my favorite local hotspot, usually with an old fashioned in hand. I have a few food allergies, so my dining out experiences are not always the youge and more comical than anything. My signature red lips are courtesy of Ruby Woo by MAC Cosmetics. I can never have enough bows. Gin > Vodka. I’m also of the belief that everything in life should have a hint of gold. My home is said to be “a living Pinterest board” off Michigan Avenue, overlooking Tiffany’s and Ralph Lauren. If you see me at the grocery, I typically have fresh flowers in hand, habitually roses and ranunculus. Oh, and pineapples, lots and lots of pineapples.



P.S. Yes, I’m a girl that’s just gotta dance.