Tri Being Sober

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So I’m training for a triathlon, the balance of booze vs training is a tricky one. I started training at the beginning of November and boozed it up until New Years. I went into full triathlon training in the beginning of January and chose to cut out booze and sugar while training (at least until my 32nd birthday on February 23rd). So what the F#$% am I supposed to drink in lieu of the booze I so throughly enjoy?! Along with cutting out booze and sugar, I also stick to a protein heavy diet free of vegetable oils and gluten. While I still dream in Old Fashioned’s and Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes, my body is thanking me on heavy training days. I also found a few things that make me miss booze a lot less, are health conscious, avoid my food allergies, and still taste good.

IMG_4887First and foremost, the booze free, sugar free Mojito. I’ve become really fond of playing around with various LaCroix soda flavors. The Clementine is my jaaaaam! I don’t add any simple syrup and just a small hint of lime juice but mostly just soda water and mint. It’s quick, refreshing, and most bars have the ingredients to do it.IMG_4894I also drink a lot, A LOT, of tea. Minimal caffeine, not overly bitter, and still tasty! I am obsessed with the DavidsTea Vanilla Orchid. I don’t particularly love vanilla but this one has just the right hint.

IMG_4891Also, we use Mariano’s Fresh Market all the time for work and you can eliminate various ingredients because they make it on the spot. I do the Tropical Gree Detox switching the apple for cucumber instead.IMG_4888And with my food allergies it has proven hard to find a protein shake that is protein heavy without a lot of carbs and sugar but also doesn’t have nuts, coconut, etc. in it. That is until I found Vega, Vegan protein powder. I mix a combo of the Mocha and Chocolate with frozen raspberries, ice, water, and a small amount of soy milk for texture. It replaces my sweet cravings and sometimes I freeze it like ice cream!IMG_4892Finally, the thing I look forward to the most during my workouts is my Skratch. I can’t drink Gatorade with my food allergies and Skratch not only is all natural and packed with electrolytes, but it doesn’t taste like I’m trying to drink a bucket of syrup. Its just a hint of flavor in the water but helps me get through long workouts.

I also found a new business in Chicago that has really helped me keep my training diet in check and gives me the ability to monitor my carb, protein, and fat intake! More on that later though. So next time you decide to go off the deep end and train for a triathlon or just decide to go dry, I hope these recipes and ideas help!




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