A Drunken Gift Guide

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It’s that time of year again, which means gifts and a decent amount of alcohol! We’ve found a few things that every boozy enthusiast shouldn’t live without!

IMG_2996One of the most interactive gifts you can find are the Mixology Dice by Foodie Dice. Play with a group or two, either way its a fun, drunken night! Mixology Dice: Starts at $24

IMG_2375Instead of sneaking the glass out the door, your local favorite tiki bar now sells their glassware for the rum fans out there, glassware is now available from Three Dots and a Dash! (Uh Yay!) Golden Bamboo: $25IMG_3153And what’s a boozy gift guide without a little booze?! You cannot, I mean cannot go wrong with the Angel’s Envy Rye. It can be a bit tough to get your hands on but oh sooooooo worth it! Angel’s Envy: $80IMG_2994For the consummate traveler, you can’t go wrong with a travel approved Old Fashioned Kit! We don’t have miniature bottles of Le Sirop yet but keep your eyes peeled! Carry On Old Fashioned: $24IMG_2991What better excuse to get the girls together than a boozy tea time and especially when your tea cups, literally beg for booze, you can’t go wrong! Find a cup for you and your friend ! More Whiskey Please: $12 Booze: $12IMG_2995
But decide first if you want Less or More thanks to Kate Spade! Jigger: $20IMG_2992For anyone who loves making the large cubes, you no longer have to suffice for cloudy cubes with a completely clear option along with round cubes! Wintersmiths: Starts at $40IMG_2989Don’t forget to pop open a bottle of beer on occasion in the most glamourous fashion! What are you looking at SCHWAN?! Swan Bottle Opener: $16

IMG_2990For the wine fanatic in your life, a decanter is always a great option, just make sure they use it when you’re around with a really good bottle of wine!! And you can’t go wrong with a little gold touch! Bubble Decanter: $78IMG_2993Diamonds are also a girls best friend, if you can’t afford a real one, why not just drink out of one?! Drink A Diamond: $34FullSizeRender-5 If you’re sharing drinks with friends though, the last thing you want to do is bartend all night long so grab a punchbowl or fancy beverage dispenser! Beverage Dispenser: $29.99

IMG_2999Let’s face it though, your holidays aren’t truly complete without a little Femme du Coupe in your life so grab some syrup, belly up to the bar, and make a drink! Le Sirop: $14.95

So bottoms up, cheers to the holidays, and another year of boozing with Femme du Coupe!


Revae and Lisa


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