Barrelhouse Flat

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FullSizeRenderSo it’s been way way way too long. I have admittedly been having a little trouble keeping up between my business and the blog! It’s been a crazy few months and we have some exciting news that we’re about to announce after many months or well years in the making. But nonetheless, let’s get back to what’s important, drinking. Where else would I land other than Barrelhouse Flat??IMG_8048So I haven’t really gotten a chance to get out much in the area I am but the move was a bit hectic and December was insane. January was nearly just as busy surprisingly enough and February has been spent getting all of our business affairs in order. But living near Logan/Roscoe/Lincoln Park now, I clearly have a lot more places to visit but Barrelhouse Flat is one of my go to’s, hibernation or not. FullSizeRender-2Stephen Cole and team seem to have such a finesse for balance and things I don’t normally drink, like a flip, aka a cocktail with a whole egg. Frankly the kind of creep me out and egg white was always ok in my book but the whole egg kind of weirded me out but boy was I wrong. Jess, one of the bartenderess’ there makes a whole lotta goodness in a glass with that whole egg. They also have an absinthe cocktail which is to die for. I don’t love absinthe or if I use it or drink it, it’s in SUPER small doses. The absinthe cocktail on the menu is so perfectly balanced with pineapple, absinthe, a little vermouth, and a decent amount of Rum. Totally worth the trip there just for that. FullSizeRender_2Part of the other reason I like it is the fact that it’s got more of a neighborhood feel than feeling pretentious or overly snotty. You can go there dressed up for a night with friends or just come in jeans and a tshirt, either way you’ll feel comfortable. Also it’s a 4am so you can play pool to all hours of the night!FullSizeRender_4

Monday March 9th, Barrelhouse has partnered with and Death & Co out of New York for a bar takeover. Sadly it’s already sold out but the next time you need a night out and find yourself in Lincoln Park, belly up to the bar. Get a mini Highlife, some of their flavored popcorn (it changes every night), and enjoy!

My apologies again for being so absent but look out for more features coming up and bottoms up!




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