The Boozy Tree: A Holiday Housewarming

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FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8221Oh what a month it has been! Between moving, an article in Midwest Living that put syrup sales into overdrive, and 30+ events, it’s been a bit crazy. Before I found out I had to move, I got the idea for a boozy holiday party that now seems like it will become a Femme du Coupe tradition. Along with a holiday party this year, it was the perfect excuse for a housewarming party!FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8238 IMG_6795FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8302

FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8305FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8308FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8317Swoon worthy pause: I can’t help but be giddy over this bun courtesy of recently Chicago addition DreamDry. Why can’t every hair day look so sweet??FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8369FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8331FemmeDuCoup_LIqour-8342IMG_7128IMG_7129IMG_7137I’ve only had a little bit of time to decorate but after two and a half weeks into living in the new condo, I’m not doing half bad! Not going to lie, my tree was up much before a lot of my boxes were unpacked. I couldn’t let all my hard work go to waste!

In Chicago you can’t buy airplane bottles so a trek out to the burbs was oh so necessary. I picked up probably 20 or so bottles and spray painted all of them over Thanksgiving. My parents garage still has noticeable outlines (Sorry Mom!). I found that it was better to paint them on a trash bag or large plastic sheet rather than newspaper because the newspaper occasionally stuck to the bottles. I knew I wanted to do all neutrals/metallics which turned out really well! I was a tad worried that the bottles would be a bit heavy for the branches of the tree but I fairly tightly tied the bottles to the tree and it worked like a charm!

Everything from Makers Mark, Don Julio, and Fernet to Fireball and Grape flavored vodka made it on the tree. Unless you’re a lush like a few of us are, you wouldn’t know what’s in the bottle!

Everyone picked a bottle off the tree and then were tasked with coming up with their own cocktail after smelling the bottle’s content. We set out a plethora of fresh juices, syrups, and fresh ingredients out for everyone to use! Time to get shaking!

We ended up with an interesting selection of cocktails (especially the Jäger cocktail) and weren’t quite as bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the morning! If you’re still planning your holiday parties and want to dip your toe into mixology, you have now have a boozy solution! So tag #theboozytree so we can imbibe alongside you. Happy holidays from our glass to yours! Cheers!

Bottoms Up,


Photos by {Anjali Pinto}



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