Paris Club Bistro and Bar

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Edith Piaf jazzy smoothness wafting through the speakers, warm, dark wood, and pineapple lamps in the dining room. This has me written all over it! The little bar having gone through a little facelift is one of my favorite hangouts. Not to say I don’t enjoy going up, getting a little schwasty, and shaking my tush a little at the nightclub upstairs on occasion but this is more my speed. French music, good drinks, and just a really cozy feel, perfect for the impending doom of winter. (Insert my salty tears here)IMG_2509Not only are the drinks thoughtful like this Clover Leaf with a little gin, raspberry, egg white, mint, and lemon but so are the details. The decor is endearing and classically french, perfect for joining friends for oysters or a something a bit more hearty!IMG_2579With the alcohol stylings of the infamous Paul McGee, I wouldn’t expect anything less than lemon peel roses and sherry cobblers. My personal favorite of the bunch and you can drink quite a few since the sherry is fairly low proof. The sherry along with a little strawberry and lemon is a little heavenly!
IMG_2527Not quite what I was anticipating even though it’s a classic, I can’t recall the last time I had one of these gems. It was light and boozy but refreshing at the same time. Not quite the harshness of a regular gin martini but with a touch of maraschino liqueur, absinthe, and peychaud’s, if I’m not going for a Sherry Cobbler, this would be next in line!IMG_2511As you may or may not know, I’m all for scotch cocktails. I can’t say that I love scotch on the rocks quite yet, I don’t know if I have enough hair on my chest to be honest but, I can always get down with a scotch cocktail. Paired with a hint of Absinthe for flavor, the tartness of the lemon, simple syrup to taste, and egg white for texture, this is great if you want a little more smoke than vanilla in your whiskey cocktail!IMG_2550Finally finishing with the appropriately names “Whiskey Fix”, I promise it will do just that. Its not too sweet, not too sour, but strong, flavorful, and delicious. Not a bad way to feed your fix!IMG_2595Overall the word that comes to mind when I think about all of the cocktails I see Paul McGee puts out, it’s thoughtful. With so many various properties throughout Chicago with Lettuce Entertain You that he works on, each is so perfect and thoughtfully put together for each locations unique feel. Paris Club’s cocktails are classic and refined, no matter what you have a taste for, you will be able to find something on their menu that works for you. Not only do they taste fantastic but they appeal to all of your senses. Taste, sight, smell, feel, and don’t mind the slurping you might hear because you’re going to want everything left in that glass because they’re just that good. So go ahead and slurp, your mom probably won’t be there to yell at you!




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