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Fernet About The Cold

1oz Fernet Branca

1oz Juniper Forward Gin (I used Small’s Gin)

2.5oz Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea

.5oz Le Sirop Winter Spice

1.0oz Fresh Orange Juice

2 Dashes Regan’s Orange Bitters

3 Orange Peels

Make Sweet Harvest Pumpkin Tea, add Fernet, Gin, Le Sirop Winter Spice and Orange Juice as well as 3 Orange Peels and two dashes Regan’s bitters to a pint glass, warm over stove or in microwave. Pour into the glass of your choice. Enjoy a warm belly of goodness!

IMG_2834IMG_2878IMG_2851IMG_2860IMG_2865IMG_2848If you’re friends with any mixologist, you’ve probably had a shot or three of Fernet Branca. I frankly didn’t care for it for a really long time. It’s a minty and just not your everyday shot but its a “mixology thing”. So alas, after enough times being gilted into taking shots of it, I actually enjoy it!

Its a bit bitter and really menthol-y but it’s great for the winter. I haven’t really jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon until now but this was guuuuuuuud! The mint of the Fernet, I chose a bolder, more juniper forward gin to match the bold flavors of the Fernet, the warm, cozy nature of the Winter Spice, the sweetness of the pumpkin, and along with the orange juice and orange peel, makes for a nice boozy night and an easy, boozy beverage to take around while the kiddies trick or treat. It just warms the soul. So time to get a little festive, #FestiveFernet if you will! Stay warm!




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