Fall Florals

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DrinkFashionably_FallLogan-0002DrinkFashionably_FallLogan-9750DrinkFashionably_FallLogan-9996DrinkFashionably_FallLogan-9741DrinkFashionably_FallLogan-9760DrinkFashionably_FallLogan-9985DrinkFashionably_FallLogan-9980DrinkFashionably_FallLogan-9767 Coat {J Crew Factory} | Sweater {Similar} | Jeans {J Brand} | Heels {Similar}                                               Bow {Forever 21} | Necklace {Similar}

I don’t mind fall, I just wish it was another 5-10 degrees warmer so I could enjoy outside. I think Miami ruined me. May as well embrace it and revel in the leaves while I can.

Cold weather and I just don’t agree so I choose to wear floral heels, pastel colors, and keep my pink hair in an effort to keep summer as long as I can. I lost my favorite coat last year and never really replaced it. The additional 30% off J Crew Factory from Gilt City was the perfect excuse to get a new coat and what’s more me than a pastel pink coat? Answer: NOTHING. I love it! It probably won’t be a winter coat but it’s just perfect right now which is just fine with me!



Photos by {Anjali Pinto}


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