GT Fish and Oyster

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IMG_2030Red Light District, no. GT Fish and Oyster, yes! The appropriately named Pleasure Seeker is a combination of quite a few asian flavor including Sake and ginger liqueur along with the rich, earthy citrus of yuzu, a bit of coconut water, and finished with celery bitters. For pleasures seekers only!
IMG_2076I’m a girl who can’t resist a little bit of gin but barrel age it with a little vermouth and a touch bitter liqueur, did you mean to whisper sweet nothings in my ear?! I bet you did. Less boozy than anticipated but a nice sweetness given that not many liqueurs rival Campari!
IMG_2017Grapefruit and St Germain, its like peas and carrots, they just go together! Along with a little vodka, lime, and spun with a little dash of Peychaud’s bitters, this classic combo makes for a nice refreshing start to the evening or maybe just lunch in my case (Wink, wink, nudge, nudge)!
IMG_2059From pleasure seeker to Italian stallion with a little Kentucky backing, The Ole Timer isn’t for every (wo)man, its for The (wo)man. The Old Forrester Bourbon is backed with Amaro Nonino, Campari, and Cocchi de Torino, a drink I can imagine my grandfather sipping while laughing and relaxing on the front porch telling us stories. But I’m no old man, this is just goooooood!
IMG_2050One of the most interesting cocktails I’ve had in awhile and my favorite of the evening, The Longest Goodbye is a long, stirred cocktail. Most of the time you see cocktails like this in rocks glasses and I didn’t really expect what I got when I tried it. Long, tall, oh so so good! Pineapple infused Finn’s Gin, Carpano Bianco Vermouth, and Chartreuse make for a sweet, savory, herbal mix that is honestly such a beautifully heady mix, my mouth is watering as we speak.
IMG_2092I tend to lean towards thinking about drinks at a bar when I go out but subtle hints of Ben Schiller’s cocktails still exist here and keep me coming back. I initially thought it was kind of a more modern Shaw’s a few years ago when it opened. Its exterior was very modern and it just looked “fancy”. I know, don’t judge a book by its cover but guess what!? Thats just how shit goes sometimes and I love me some Shaw’s. I find GT not only comfortable but its also quite cozy to belly up to the bar. The name plates on the bar, the visits from Mr. GT himself, it just makes it home-y. I can have a drink with my friend Kevin McConkey without even requiring his presence. I remember a few years ago having a barrel aged Vieux Carre there that I still can’t get over plus the food isn’t anything to be scoffed at either. I now dream in GT Fish’s cocktails!




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