Cozy Chic: Scarf or Blanket?

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Sweater {Similar} | Boyfriend Jeans {TopShop} | Scarf {Zara} | Heels {Schutz}                                          Cuff {Jules Smith} | Purse {Marc Jacobs}

So we can’t avoid it now, fall has really fallen. I’m ok with fall because I still get to let my ankles see the light of day and I don’t get wind-lash walking out of my door but winter and I, we HATE each other. Hate is a strong word but I HATE winter. Probably why I shoved off to Miami but as I am attempting to mentally prepare myself, may as well dress the part.

I never got into the whole boyfriend jean trend right from when it got started aka 2008 circa Current Elliot, probably because A) anything and everything in Miami had to be tighter than you wanted it to be and B) I was broke so $250 Current Elliot jeans weren’t really a priority. But now days errrrr-body is making them so now they’re within my budget. The only thing I don’t love about these is that the strings keep breaking across the pre-placed holes leaving my thigh out there for the world to see and I just don’t know if everyone wants to see that patch of north pole white skin, ya know?!

I’ll be the first one to say, there are definitely going to be recycled pieces on this blog. I work for myself, I’m a creature of habit, and I can’t spend thousands of dollars revamping my wardrobe with the latest in designer wear. This is the wrong blog if that’s what you want but you may have already figured that out. My Schutz gold heels are tall as hell but fit me like a glove so I wear them All. The. Time. I also wear my gold bracelets the same way. They’re just easy, classic, and go with everything.

The real question is… Is it a scarf or a blanket?!

Happy Tuesday,


Photos by {Anjali Pinto}


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