A Stylish Evolution

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Skirt {TopShop} | Tank {Similar} | Mala Beads {Custom Order} | Bracelets {ABS}                                             Bow {H&M} | Heels {Schutz}

So as I detailed the other day in my long journey to where I am now, not only have I grown as a person but very much has my style evolved. When I launched I very much “was the brand”. I lived, eat, slept, and wore my brand from every angle. I worked myself into a tizzy and realized it was ok not to “be the brand” and “be femme” every single time I stepped out of the house. My 20’s chic, overly feminine, and constant red lipped style took a back seat to nude lips, more comfortable, modernly chic outfits. Now look at me today, I freaking have pink hair. I still don’t think my mom likes it but nods her head like she’s done so many other times, “Ok Revae” shaking her head.

A few years ago, you’d be more likely to find me drinking champagne (I hate champagne) than wearing black. I felt like it made me so “hard” but look at me now, like woah, I put on some grown up colors. Funny how much has changed. This skirt has sort of become my uniform for the fall. It goes with everything. I personally have very muscular calves so midi skirts unless they hit me right at the knee make my legs look gi-gundo so this skirt in particular I purchased in Petite because its a bit shorter. The tank top came randomly from Nordstrom Rack which was always really overwhelming to me until I realized if you go during the weekdays, midday, it’s not nearly as chaotic. The mala beads came from Etsy after I saw something similar on a blogger via instagram. The store was really frankly quite rude when I called to ask the vendor since it was no longer being sold. Can’t we all just be friends?! It’s a $20 necklace. Get over yourself. And of course you’ll find me in my favorite gold heels and staple bangles. Old habits die hard.

Again if you know anyone that might be my perfect partner in crime, please send them my way!



Photo credit {Heather Talbert}


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