Shades of Grey

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Revae_9.29_002Revae_9.29_008Revae_9.29_014Revae_9.29_021Revae_9.29_017Jeans {J Brand} | Flannel Shirt {Similar} | Sweater {Similar} | Cuff {Jules Smith}                     Boots {Anthropologie} | Bracelets {ABS} | Purse {Marc Jacobs}

I walked out of the house yesterday and put on a sweater thinking I’d be hot because the morning was really warm. Boy was I wrong. It went from a balmy 70 to mid 50’s in hardly any time. Pretty sure I’m going to go sulk in my room now. While yes, I’m looking forward to boots and I don’t mind sweaters, I am not a cold weather person. At. All. Hence why I jumped ship to Miami for a few years. Funny enough, I purchased everything I’m wearing while I was living in Miami minus the boots and jewelry. Glad to know I still fit into things from 6 years ago!

I’m still figuring out what colors work well with my brand new shiny pink hair and grey fits the bill. So four shades of grey it is. The grey’s are all blue-grey’s instead of brown-greys so it all kind of works. I love the ruffle detail on the flannel for my always present feminine touch. Plus my purse has the right hint of metallic.

I was sad to realize my Marc Jacobs bag is now defunct. No longer in production. Oh the number of Stam’s I sold working for Marc in Miami was crazy. Kind of weird to see it pass. So time to pack it in, cozy up to the bar, maybe breakout a video game or two (more on that later this week), and enjoy the weather before it really turns cold.



Photo credit {Heather Talbert}


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