The Berkshire Room

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One of the biggest benefits of living in Gold Coast is this bar. It’s 8 blocks from my place and it’s one of my go-to’s. The decor is open and inviting with the white paneling but the side booths are still warm and cozy with dark wood and dim lighting and the bar just glows with bottle after bottle of delicious liquor. IMG_1290More and more often you’re seeing crystal clear ice cubes show up especially in stirred beverages which is often thanks to Just Ice. Berkshire was one of the original guys on the block using ice blocks thanks to Ben Schiller, formerly of the Boka Group where you also saw these cubes popping up as well. Part of the ambiance of sitting at the bar is seeing the bartenders chip away at these cubes. The Weston combines a perfect blend of wheated bourbon, pipe tobacco, and the glass is finished with a spritz of Dark Matter coffee.

Now they probably won’t advertise it to you but they also have a few bottle of vintage spirits that are in the cabinets on the sides by the booths. Bring your checkbook but totally worth it if you’re a spirits enthusiast.

IMG_1270_1One of the more summery cocktails on the menu, Pyrene’s Remore is a more citrusy sherry fix for me. I can’t have nuts due to food allergies and I jump every chance I get to have a good sherry cocktail and this is no exception. Not necessarily having the same effect but still really light and refreshing and really easy drinking!
IMG_1310Another one that just screams spring and looks a little like a Peychaud’s snow cone but as it’s name sake says, it’d be perfect Poolside. Mezcal, lime, strawberry spiced syrup, and mint, if you’re still trying to hold on to those last few days of spring, this would be the way to go.IMG_1235The most popular of the barrel aged cocktails at Berkshire, the Negroni is aged in a Pappy Van Winkle casks with a collective age of around 18 months that cycles every week. A Negroni isn’t a cocktail that everyone is going to love, I didn’t for a long time. You have to stage your way into it but the barrel adds a such a nice vanilla note to the cocktail and give it a smoothness and a wine/spirit geek term roundness that take your negroni from a department store cocktail that everyone has access to, to shopping at a Tom Ford boutique, its just on a different level.
IMG_1337Lastly and my personal favorite, the dealers choice, I simply said I wanted something stirred with sherry and let them take it from there. The result was just what I was looking for, rye whiskey, oloroso sherry, Pedro Ximénez sherry, Ancho Reyes a chili liqueur, and Bittercube Bolivar bitters. Nutty with out having any actual nuts in it and just perfect! I’m sure the next time I go and ask for the same profile I’ll get a different result but this was perfect in the moment. You can’t ask for much more!




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