Black Market Indy

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Finally venturing out of Chicago and into new territory, I made my way to Indianapolis to visit family, spend some time with the pup, and drink! (Duh!) When I left Indy 7 years ago, you basically had chain restaurant after chain restaurant and a few local spots but they were kind of few and far between primarily serving pizza, the best shrimp cocktail ever, and nothing really overly progressive. Oh how pleasantly surprised I was this trip around! My first stop after asking around was Black Market. A hidden gem that’s tucked away at the end of Mass Ave. IMG_0719What really drew me to the menu at Black Market was this little beauty. Buffalo Trace Bourbon, a spiced apple shrub, and Burton’s Maple Syrup. It was a little sweeter than I expected but something I would have after dinner, no questions asked! IMG_0747_1

{Personal Favorite} White Port and Tonic, so refreshing, light, yet flavorful! Pretty sure I’m still dreaming about it in my sleep. Also a bonus for me is that they use Q Tonic so it’s all natural versus having lots of corn syrup in it like most tonic waters. Also something you could easily do at home!IMG_0729The color just pops doesn’t it?! Hayman’s Gin along with Cynar, Senior Blue Curacao, basil, and a few blueberries. If you’re a basil fanatic, you’ll be in heaven. Refreshing, so flavorful, and beautiful on top of it all? Win, win!IMG_0712So I have to admit, I was a bit torn as to which was really my favorite because this cocktail was probably one of the best ones I’ve had all summer. Pritchard’s Crystal Rum, the oh so funky yet so delicious Wray & Nephew White Overproofed Rum, Yellow Chartreuse, and Decker Melon. I haven’t really used many melons in own cocktails but I have to admit, I was a bit inspired. I could have had 10 of these but alas, I was driving so one had to do the trick.IMG_0769All in all, Black Market was such a pleasant experience and I didn’t even see the patio before my cocktails were finished. It was kind of a hidden oasis and one of the prettiest patios I’d seen. It reminded me of my favorite bar I’d ever been to which was in Miami. The strings of lights and greenery were just perfect! The environment was so chill, the owners were helping out behind the bar, it just felt like an everyday bar. Like if I lived there, I’d be there everyday. I need to make it back to Indy and visit more of the bars that are in this group. (They own three other places!) And so glad to see that it’s not just brunch places, another chain restaurant, but truly adding culture to the Indianapolis landscape. Now you just need to see for yourself!




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