National Rum Day August 16th

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IMG_0345Summer’s End

2.0oz Sailor Jerry Rum

1.0oz Simple Syrup

1.0oz Fresh Lime Juice

3 Blackberries

4 Mint Leaves

Add Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Sailor Jerry, Mint, and Blackberries to empty shaker, add ice. Shake for 30 seconds and really shake hard to break up mint and blackberries with the ice. Pour into the glass of your choice up or over ice. Enjoy!


Fall is just around the corner so might as well be prepared! Sailor Jerry is one of my favorite fall/winter sips but also helps me get into the mood as the cool weather rolls in. This is the perfect combo of the two. Light and refreshing but also just easy to sip with a hint of those spices coming through. I grabbed some fresh mint from the garden, used about half of a good lime, and organic blackberries. The simple syrup is easy enough to make in the microwave with one cup water, one cup sugar. So celebrate National Rum Day with friends and many more cocktails! This is an easy pitcher cocktail to whip up on the fly! Happy Saturday! Cheers!

Bien à toi,


Reminder: As long as you have a shot glass at home, you can make this cocktail. No fancy equipment required!

For pitcher style recipe, please feel free to email me!


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