Henry’s Swing Club

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River North’s new kid on Hubbard Street is probably my favorite addition to the area in awhile. I love that it’s a little cheeky and a bit provocative with vintage Playboy pics wallpapered throughout the space, along with free pool and spin the bottle, and Uno and card decks for sale at the bar, it’s kind of the bee’s knees! But the cocktails are better than all those things combined if you can imagine. Headed up by Michael Rubel formerly of Violet Hour and Big Star, Henry’s is craft without being pretentious and personally my new favorite hangout! Get there early to grab a table on Friday night and maybe even bring your Cards Against Humanity but it does get loud in there so the earlier the better. Look forward to seeing you at the bar soon!


The Dogwood Manhattan, not for the faint of heart pairs Old Grand-Dad Bonded, a little Amaro Nonino, Cocchi Americano, and my favorite part of the drink a flavorful Strawberry/Rhubarb Bitters! For the boozy playboy!


Shake Appeal isn’t shaken at all but totally delicious! The high proof Wray & Nephew Rum and when I say high proof, it will kind of knock you on your ass if you’re not careful at 126 proof, along with a bit of passionfruit, fresh lime juice, and house made Frutabomba Bitters! I am really not supposed to drink because of my food allergies but soooooo worth it, even if I can only have a sip!


{Personal Favorite} One of the awesome Force Carbonated cocktails the Vampiro combines Luna Azul Blanco tequila, grapefruit juice, and a bit of house made sangrita, a traditional mexican non-alcoholic accompaniment to shots of tequila! The peppery notes from the tequila along with the bubbly carbonation and notes from the sangrita, all play so nicely together and not overly sweet so you can knock more than a few of these back!


The frozen Mezcal Mule, almost exactly as it sounds, Vida Mezcal, a fairly smokey mezcal, along with a little ginger syrup, and fresh lime juice is one of my favorite things going at Henry’s. I really can’t quite decide between the Vampiro and this one for my favorites but it’s so cold and yummy! Squeeee (Dork moment) I can’t wait to go back.


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