Rum Old Fashioned

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Rum Old Fashioned

2.25oz Rum of Choice (I prefer an aged Rum)

.5oz Le Sirop Winter Spice

2 Dashes Orange Bitters

2 Dashes Angostura Bitters

Add Rum, simple syrup, angostura, and orange bitters to empty pint glass, add ice. Stir for 30 seconds. Pour into the glass either up or over ice. Garnish with orange swath. Enjoy!IMG_0297IMG_0321

So if you don’t know that an Old Fashioned is pretty much my favorite cocktail on the planet, now you do! But sometimes I like to change it up and play with the spirit that’s going into my Old Fashioned. Hence, the Rum Old Fashioned. I picked up this bottle of Havana Club on my last venture out of the country on an “entrepreneurial meltdown” trip. I just needed to get away! Booked the flight on Friday, left on Sunday. Sometimes you just need the space. No phones, no emails, just disconnecting with copious amounts of rum in this instance. Havana Club isn’t sold in the US since it’s a Cuban import but it’s oh so tasty! Along with a little bit of our Winter Spice, Regan’s Orange, Ango, and finished with some orange oil, you’re in for a good night! Plus I like that it’s easy to impress your friends with a bottle like this! So Rum it up this Saturday and cheers to many more!

Bien à toi,


Reminder: As long as you have a shot glass at home, you can make this cocktail. No fancy equipment required!


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