Flex Pilates

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Flex Pilates, the place that inspired so much change and such positive things in my life, how could I not share?! I find solice in waking up every morning and not feeling like I’m having to drag myself to do something. Yes there are days that I would rather stay in bed but once I class is over, I’m reminded why I came. It has provided such a nice community and place to go, no makeup, no judgement, just a bunch of people getting bendy! The creak of springs, the sound of the rope as it moves through the machine, and the small groans when we have to do pikes, that’s what keeps me going back!

The classes are always small so you get the attention you deserve and the teachers all end up knowing everyone by the end. I can’t say enough for this place and the view isn’t half bad either! If you’d like to join me for a class, please use the code FRIENDS for $10 off your first class. You will find me there 8am Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and 7am Tuesday and Thursday! You can also find a full class schedule on flexpilateschicago.com!

Bien à toi,



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