Amelia Canham Eaton of The Chicago Life Blog

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Name Amelia Canham Eaton

Age 27

Current Job Title Creator of The Chicago Life Blog

Favorite Cocktail Negroni


Tell us a little bit about The Chicago Life Blog and any other fun ventures you’re currently finding on your radar!

The Chicago Life Blog turns 2 this summer, and it’s gone from a fun hobby to a full time job! I’ve also found myself with a handful of interior design clients after sharing my own projects on the blog. It’s a really exciting time! 


What did you think you would be doing at this age when you were 20? 

I thought I’d be a lawyer… which according to a diploma collecting dust in my closet- technically I am!

What is something that people would be surprised to know about you? 

I competed in the National Jump Rope Championship on ESPN at Walt Disney World in 2000.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the opportunity to continuously meet and connect creative people who are truly passionate about what they’re doing- just like Revae!


What’s the best cocktail you’ve ever had and where was it?

I love a really, really spicy margarita, and Mercadito here in town has a really yummy one!

If you could have a drink anywhere in the world where would it be and who would it be with?

Northern Michigan with my husband and best friend sounds pretty amazing! Hoping to make that happen in the next few weeks.


What’s your favorite, go to local hangout?

Our patio! It’s always an open bar, and there’s never a line.

What’s your personal hangover remedy?

It’s impossible to feel worse after taking a long shower. 

Impromptu night out in Chicago, what are you wearing?

I swear by the black, cotton, midi-dresses at H&M- so chic and so easy to throw on and go. Did I mention they’re around $20?


What person either public figure or personal connection has influenced where you are today?

My grandfather was both a really savvy businessman with an entrepreneurial spirit and an incredibly talented and creative artist. After years of looking up to him, I knew that I eventually wanted to work for myself and that it’d likely be in a creative field.

If you were a cocktail which would you be and why?

My husband says I’d be a long island ice tea, because “I’m sweet, strong, and sneak up on people”.

Rocks or Coupe? Coupe!


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