Tanta Chicago

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Caution: Your mouth is about to start watering!


The Pisco Punch, one of the true highlights of the menu comprised of Porton mosto verde pisco, maracuya aka passion fruit juice, peach liquor, and a little bit of lemon juice. Tanta’s delicious take on a tiki cocktail. I couldn’t have more than a few sips due to my allergies but oh so good!


{Personal Favorite} The El Chingon starts with a little bit of jalapeño infused tequila from Tanteo, alongside a touch of smokiness from Fidencio Mezcal, fresh lime juice, rococo ice (a spicy pepper ice), and a little bit of cilantro. What’s great about this cocktails is the longer it sits, the better it gets but the ice doesn’t add an overwhelming amount of spiciness! It’s perfect for a hot day on the patio since the ice just makes it more complex versus watering it down.


Not for the faint of heart, the El Macho combines Angels Envy whiskey, Dolin Rouge sweet vermouth, gran classico (an amaro), and tea pot bitters finished off with an orange peel. This is perfect for anyone that loves a manhattan or a lighter, more bitter cocktail!


Now if anyone knows me, they know I’m a huge lavender fan so I couldn’t pass up the El Guapa. CH Distillery makes Tanta a lavender gin, paired with a bit of rhubarb, fresh lemon juice, and cremant de bourgogne, a sparkling wine! It’s not overly juniper forward so if you’re a fan of anything floral, dooooooo it!

IMG_9408Tanta, hands down my favorite bite in Chicago. I tried Tanta for the first time about 4 months ago prior to learning about all of my food allergies. I think I had the Anticucho, nigiri style, similar to sushi, is the best bite of food I’ve ever had. Now I eat it minus the avocado but it’s still just as tasty. The cocktails did the food every bit of justice!

I love the ice and the patio is so relaxing, you can not, can not skip this place but make your reservation now because the word is out, it’s uh-maz-ing! Though if you’re lucky, you’ll get there in time to grab a patio table since they don’t take reservations upstairs. So pull out you’re pisco drinking pants and get to Tanta! You’ll be glad you did!

Bien à toi,


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