Bombay Sapphire Raspberry Cooler

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Raspberry Cooler

2.0oz Bombay Sapphire

1.0oz Le Sirop Ginger Zest

1.0oz Fresh Lime Juice

3 Raspberries

Add Lime Juice, Le Sirop Ginger Zest, Bombay Sapphire, and Raspberries to empty shaker, add ice. Shake for 30 seconds and really shake hard to break up raspberries with the ice. Pour into the glass of your choice up or over ice. Enjoy!

IMG_8800BOMBAY_003Gin, gin, ginny, gin gin. So good. If you haven’t taken one of my classes or tipped a drink or two back with me yet, gin and whiskey are my go-to spirits. I like citrus-y, balanced cocktails and this hits the spot. I so often hear “I don’t like gin. It tastes like something my Grandpa would drink” or “I feel like I’m sucking on a Christmas tree”. Blah. You just haven’t found the right gin for you. If you’ve had a bad experience or just are a bit intimidated by gin, start easy with something like Bombay Sapphire which are less juniper, aka Christmas tree, forward and get comfortable there. Once you’re drinking all that you can handle there, test your tastebuds out and move into the bigger, more boldly flavored gins.

Time to get off my Gin filled soapbox! For a refreshing and healthier alternative to ginger beer, the ginger syrup adds a spicy kick to the drink while the raspberries add a nice tart twist along with the lime. You’ll want to make by the pitcher. I swear. 

Bien à toi,


Reminder: As long as you have a shot glass at home, you can make this cocktail. No fancy equipment required!

For pitcher style recipe, please feel free to email me!


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