Neon and Bows

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It’s finally here, spring has arrived and summer is rounding the corner. Time for cocktails on the beach, sunnies, and lots of color. I mean we only have 3 or 4 months in Chicago to do this so relish in it!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I rarely can have enough bows, hence my {Kate Spade Sandals} and {See Song Designs Bracelet}, or a small pop of color, when I head out the door. Normally it’s my red lips that add my pop of color but this little neon pink blazer from Nordstrom was the perfect compliment to an otherwise fairly neutral color palette.

The best thing going this summer that works in my pale favor is the panama hat. I burn like nobody’s business, so beyond sunscreen, you’ll often find me in a hat when I’m out in the sun to avoid looking like a lobster.

As most girls I know are, we can all find a maxi or two in our closet. This is my second or third light pink maxi. Someone stop me. But the predicament I find myself in with this color is my tush. If you don’t have any cellulite on your butt, good for you, I hate you, but I do. The Spanx Power Panty seems to do the trick and smooths everything out so nothing pops out where it shouldn’t. They can be a little hot but nothing a cold cocktail couldn’t help! It’s time for a little beach buzz.

Bien à toi,


Photo credit {Heather Talbert}


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