Rhine Hall Distillery

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The first thing I noticed when I walked into the door of Rhine Hall Distillery was the light, crisp smell of apple peels in the air, and the blonde hopping out of the cab to greet us! The bright open nature of the distillery was clearly designed after my own heart; white, crisp, and clean, yet glimmering in all the right places from the still and distillation tanks. Jenny Solberg took us through the distillery and gave us a brief history of the company. I think the best and most endearing part of the experience was the story of how the distillery actually came to fruition, but that’s something I’ll let her tell you.

Luckily, we came on a day when the apples were in house and not already fermenting. We learned about the apple varieties, how Rhine Hall chooses to distill, and finally got to taste the fruits of her labor (pun intended). Jenny took us through all of the spirits they’re currently making, which include Apple Brandy (their signature), Oaked Apple BrandyGrappa, and Oaked Grappa. It made for the perfect Saturday afternoon boozy activity!

To visit Jenny and to hear her story better than I could ever re-tell it, sign up for a tour, just $10, Saturdays at 3pm and 4pm. Otherwise, belly up to the bar Thursday from 5pm-9pm or Saturday 2pm-7pm, and grab a cocktail!

Bien à toi,


Photo credit {Heather Talbert}


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